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While the northern Bahamas certainly need our help to recover and rebuild from catastrophic Hurricane Dorian, much of the Bahamas are untouched, in pristine condition and open for business and charters! One of the best ways to help the Bahamas recover is by visiting the islands, supporting the local economy and feeding into the tourism that the islands rely on! Chartering in the Exumas, Eleuthera and surrounding islands is an excellent way to support the Bahamas and help them rebuild. Spread the word – much of the Bahamas are open and ready to welcome people!

Here are several reasons to make your way to the Bahamas in 2020:

Go bonefishing in Andros

A lack of boat traffic on its waterways makes Andros the spot for bonefishing in the Bahamas. But save time for snorkeling, too. Flipper-kick your way around the reef system to spot coral of all types, including staghorn, brain and elkhorn coral. In addition to bonefish, keep your eyes peeled for yellowtail, angelfish, grunts and trumpetfish.

Snorkel among shipwrecks in Bimini

With steel in short supply during World War I, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson commissioned concrete troop transport ships like the S.S. Sapona.  But because the war was over by the time the ship was completed, it was never used for that purpose. Instead, the Sapona was used as a casino and later a floating liquor warehouse during Prohibition. After running aground during a hurricane in 1926, it was used for target practice by fighter planes during World War II.

The wreck, which has been worn down to its framework, sits in just 15 feet of water in South Bimini, making it possible for snorkelers to experience the kind of sights usually reserved for scuba divers.

Catch a wave in Eleuthera

If you’ve been wanting to pick up the sport of surfing, the good news is: You can learn at any age. And Eleuthera is a great spot for beginners. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous, too. Plus, the surfers are friendly.

May through July is the best time for beginners to surf in Eleuthera – the big waves hit between October and April. Try Surfer’s Beach in north-central Eleuthera (south of Gregory Town), where the southwest winds blow in from the Atlantic and you don’t have to compete for waves.

Go island-hopping in the Exuma Cays

“Besides being home, there is no place on earth like it,” Curling says of the Exuma Cays, where the ocean views compete with those in Fiji, New Zealand and the Maldives.

One of the best-known spots in Exuma is Thunderbolt Grotto, an underwater cave system named for the 1963 James Bond movie of the same name. Be sure to go at low tide so you don’t miss the almost-hidden entrance.

Experts predict this part of the Bahamas will become more and more popular, but for now, it’s still possible to find uncrowded beaches and a sandbar to claim as your own.

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