Yacht Charter FAQ’s

  • Why should I choose Churchill Yacht Partners?

    Churchill Yacht Partners is recognized throughout the worldwide yachting community for setting the highest standards in the industry for arranging discreet luxury yacht charters for the highest profile clients on the planet, and for managing the finest luxury charter yachts in the marketplace.

    Our knowledgeable, highly trained and respected team of experts will put decades of experience and every resource at their disposal to work for you. Whether you want to arrange the vacation of your dreams on a luxurious mega yacht at an exotic destination, or charter your yacht with the perfect guests for your vessel and crew, Churchill Yacht Partners will give you the best personal service possible—anywhere in the world. For luxury yacht charters and charter yacht management, Churchill Yacht Partners is the logical choice.

  • What do you do on a yacht charter?

    Itineraries and activities depend on the cruising area you choose to visit. Talk to our yacht charter specialists, they can help you decide on the destination that best suits your interests. They can recommend tropical settings where you can snorkel and dive in gin clear waters and explore colorful corral reefs, then leave your footprints on pristine sand beaches where you will soak up the sun. In the evening you can anchor or dock at world-famous resorts where you can enjoy the nightlife and entertainment. The choices are only limited by the imagination. Let us know your interests, we’ll be happy to assist in arranging an itinerary and destination that is perfect for you and your guests.

    The professional crewmembers are knowledgeable of the local offerings where they cruise. They will not only give you impeccable service on board, but they will be happy to help you make arrangements to enjoy the many activities and attractions in the areas you visit.

  • Motor yacht or Sailing yacht?

    Motor yachts are usually faster and offer a more stable ride. They tend to have more toys on board, i.e. wave runners, kayaks, and Jaccuzi. Sailing yachts are for those who wish to experience the feel of the ocean under sail. Both types offer the same level of luxury and service.

  • Where will we go?

    Your interests will determine your destination and itinerary. Your charter broker and yacht captain will have specific recommendations to make each day of your trip an experience well worth remembering.

  • How far in advance should I book my charter?

    A year in advance is recommended to afford you the best choices of available yachts, especially if you are planning to cruise during the busy season. Luxury charter yachts book quickly for those times, particularly if you’re planning a holiday charter.

  • Do I need a passport?

    Yes. Homeland Security requires all US citizens to have valid passports whenever they leave the country.

  • Are there hidden expenses?

    There are no “hidden” expenses. Your charter broker will advise you about all costs that may be incurred. When budgeting for your luxury yacht charter, you should keep in mind airfare, dockage fees, food and beverages, fuel and crew gratuity.

  • How can we be reached on charter?

    Your Churchill Yacht Partners charter broker will provide you with a cell phone number and/or Sat COM number for your yacht. There will be additional charges for phone usage. You may also bring your own cell phone while on charter or ask the captain to rent one on your behalf.

  • Can I/we take a turn at the helm?

    Most captains enjoy sharing the helm with guests at appropriate times. The captain will not allow guests to take the helm during docking maneuvers.

  • Will the captain & crew dine with us?

    As a rule, no. If you would like the captain and/or crew members to dine with you and your guests, please ask ahead of time.

  • What is the customary gratuity?

    We offer two alternatives: Take the gratuity (we suggest anything between 10 and 20% of the charter fee) in cash and give it to the captain upon disembarkation to distribute among the crew. Alternatively, send the funds to your Churchill Yacht Partners broker for safekeeping in our escrow account. Notify us when you want it to be released.

  • Should I purchase Yacht Charter Travel Insurance?

    The purchase of Yacht Charter Trip Interruption and/or Cancellation Insurance is highly recommended. We can provide you with contact information for agents that deal exclusively with this type of policy. You want to make sure that your travel insurance not only covers health and medical issues, but also force majeure (acts of God). With weather interruptions around the world, one can never predict if they will have trouble reaching their yacht. A small premium goes a long way in protecting your valuable vacation.

  • Is Churchill Yacht Partners and/or its employees affiliated with or members of any recognized trade or industry organizations?

    Yes. Churchill Yacht Partners and its employees are members of the American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA), International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA), and the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA).

  • What happened to Rikki Davis Yachts?

    Churchill Yacht Partners has fully absorbed the operations of Rikki Davis Yachts and operates the company under the CYP banner. Rikki Davis, the founder of Rikki Davis Yachts, passed away on June 29, 2014.

  • Does CYP secure charters for travel agents’ clients?

    Yes. Churchill Yacht Partners works closely with travel agents to find the perfect yachts for their clients. Whether we are in direct communication with a travel agent’s client or communicating through the travel agent, we provide the same unsurpassed service as if we were dealing with our own client.

    Please note: Experience has proven that direct communication with travel agents’ clients eliminates the possibility of communication issues and results in seamless, successful bookings. Travel agents are always involved in any communication we may have with their clients. If you are a licensed travel agent, please contact us for more information about the process.

  • Do you do Sales Brokers and Yacht Management?

    At Churchill Yacht Partners we focus exclusively on the Yacht Charter business finding the perfect yacht for our Retail Charter clients and finding the perfect clients for Charter Yacht Management & Marketing clients.  We do not provide sales broker, yacht management or crew placement.

  • Are we safe at sea during our yacht charter?

    At Churchill Yacht Partners we only recommend yachts and crew who maintain the highest levels of safety and security.  The captains and crew on yachts we recommend are all industry certified and carry the proper licenses required by the yacht’s flag state and insurance policies.

    Our experienced charter Captains make sure the safety of the crew, passengers and the vessel are their first priority.  Captains and crew will have safety briefings with charter guests, as necessary, whether it relates to the condition of the seas, weather related issues or disembarking the yacht for land tours.

    Captains will adjust the planned yacht charter itinerary if the safety and security of all could be affected.

  • Still have questions?

    The Churchill Yacht Partners team of charter yacht brokers is always available to assist you. Call or e-mail us today and we can discuss the many opportunities that await you and answer any additional questions you may have. It is our pleasure to help you make your luxury charter yacht vacation a complete success.

* Particulars are displayed in good faith and believed to be correct but are not guaranteed. Weekly rates fluctuate per season and may be higher during your charter dates. They will be confirmed by our Charter Specialist during your selection process.